Features and Benefits

Operates cold
Unit is ready immediately.
No waiting for it to heat up.
No heating costs.
Minimal power usage.
Very cheap to run.
Better for the environment.
Quality brass jets delivering parts-wash fluid at high pressure
Effective, efficient cleaning
Uses narrow-cut kerosene
Not water-based so won’t cause rust.
Non-corrosive so no need for additional treatment with protective coating.

Controlled basket rotation
Produces safer, more focused clean
2-in-1 system
Provides for both automatic and manual cleaning of parts
Dual filtered
Parts-wash fluid stays cleaner for longer, saving you money on servicing
Wheels on units
Allows machine to be easily moved from job to job
Single phase and 3-phase units
Available to suit your needs
Safety limit switch and Safety locking bar
Supports workplace safety
Custom-designed Equipment for Servicing of Parts Washers
Quick and efficient servicing to clean your machine and remove and replace parts-wash fluid
Recycling of used parts-wash fluid
All used parts-wash fluid is recovered and recycled through our purpose-built distiller, resulting in cheaper fluid for you and less pollution and waste for the environment
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Cleans Parts in minutes
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We provide regular servicing